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Building Nation By Empowering Youth

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Most prestigious successful education brand "Rozgar Map" Powered by SPRN Entrepreneurs Pvt. ltd.


SPRN Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd. has placed hundreds of students in previous years.

Why Rozgar Map

Significant gap between the education, facilities, resources, and opportunities available in metro cities and small towns in India


ROZGAR MAP offers various type of solution required to reach towards success in their career. All these Training Programs are designed according to the need of industry and under the expert guidance of experienced mentors from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & Mumbai.


Custom design courses and programs to develop skills and achieve aspiring career goals


360 degree solutions through alliances to provide job placements and assignments to start and grow career.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid operational structure to ensure uniform quality for services and affordable for business and users

Good Infrastructure

High-speed Wi-Fi availability. Zero downtime of servers. Centrally air-conditioned training rooms. Projector loaded faculties.


Low-cost career courses and solutions, specifically designed for rural communities,

Indian Government

The Indian Government has taken several steps to encourage the growth of skill development programs in small towns and rural areas.


I welcome you to the most prestigious successful education brand "Rozgar Map" Powered by SPRN Entrepreneurs Pvt ltd. Which is established in April 2019 but previously has experience of 25 year in the field of education, training and employment. Now a days skill development is need of Indian education system, but the student has to understand clearly his journey from Training to employment.

That we are going to provide through Rozgar Map. "Rozgarmap" brand name of SPRN will provide the clear map to youth and students regarding their challenges to reach towards employment & entrepreneurship.
Dr. Sanjeev Sarpal
Founder/ CEO

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Our Courses

Low-cost career courses and solutions, specifically designed for rural communities, provide valuable support to those who may not have access to similar resources otherwise.

Mr Aman 50 seats 6 Months

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing.

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Miss. Palvi 100 seats 6 Months

Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operators input data into computers for processing, report production and management. Their inputs need to be accurate, meticulous and fast.

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Dr. Sarpal 100 seats 6 Months

Website Development

Web development refers to building website and deploying on the web. Web development requires use of scripting languages both at the server end as well as at client end.

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Mr. Khan 10 seats 4 Years

Course In Java

This course of study builds on the skills gained by students in Java Fundamentals or Java Foundations to help advance Java programming skills.

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